Sunday, December 13, 2009

After a Run

Knees wobbly like jelly,
the air wears thin,
repeatedly throws a black
blanket over the eyes.

I could have run faster,
again I say to myself, yet,
too late, the run is over
and you've forgotten

how you've cursed and sweated
buckets and buckets,
the heart a bird encaged,
struggled to be free.

P.S.: On a high after finishing the Tiong Bahru Challenge, but tired.


Shingo T said...

Seems you are taking part in many major running events. You are running all over Singapore!

Lewis WynCarroll said...

run forrest run :p

TeeHedgeBee said...

Jio me go run next time leh. I need to lose weight... :/

mrdes said...

Shingo T,

Now that you mentioned, I realised I have never run at East Coast Beach among others...hmm

Lewis WynCarroll,

haha...No, I am no Forest Gump - he is faster:P


No problem...just make sure you come in your sport bra - it sure makes me run faster:P.