Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In a Babbling Mood...

Went for a run on the road and up the stairs - all of thirteen floors, twice. I thought my right knee would give way - I was ready to stop, but miraculously it didn't. Now back in my room, the body couldn't feel better.

I will be on leave tomorrow. No plan yet, but will think of something. Most probably it involves reading. Something is brewing in the office, something scandalous, but age must be catching up, for I don't really give a hoot how young people these days live. They follow their heart which is good, but their values are sacrificed in the pursue of outward happiness all ephermal. Now I have said too much, and perhaps too soon.

Happiness found too easily in this age of instant gratification seldom lasts. The flower of love would fade before one learns to truly appreciate it.

Now to sleep, just can't seem to finish my book review anyway, such is my babbling mood.

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