Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fiction: Dear old friend...

Dear old friend,

How have you been? Been in love, or out of, again? Has life been fulfilling, happy, with, or without another to share it? How about work? Has it brought you the things you wanted?

I thought of you again, the one you were. More than ten years back, I think it must have been, when we cried watching "Love Letter". Tears flowed again, unrestrained, this time watching it on cable TV. Not only because of the longing, the sentimentality for love lost. Not only because of the fragility of white snow. But for the years gone, the heart hardened with the rigour of life, hardly allowing time and space to breathe in the purest of emotions, that which only transmits between innocent hearts without doubts.

Perhaps we will meet up one of these days. Of course, as we are now, not the persons we were, which just wouldn't be possible. Do you see that as clearly as I do now?

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The Happy Bitch said...

Geez, I watched that movie before and it has been 10 yrs?!