Monday, September 07, 2009

A Summary of My Run Results

See how I am running faster and faster, one baby step at a time...

REAL Run 19 Oct 08: 01:15:23

Mount Faber 14 June 09: 01:12:08.00

SAFRA Bay Run 16 Aug 09: 01:10:59.80

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 6 Sep 09: 01:01:23

Okay, okay, the race conditions count a lot! The REAL Run was really a torture, really! (Look forward to his year's race though.) And the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run was a freak result, wind-and-rain assisted and some downslopes - I really kicked ass in the last 2 KM! Feel like kicking myself for the SAFRA Bay Run this year: my tiny breakfast of bread and coffee nearly made me puke on the F1 racing track, which really, really slowed me down. (Excuses and excuses. *Roll eyes*)

1 comment:

The Hungry Bitch said...

Too nervous la. I am impressed with the runs. More than what I did in the last few yrs...