Sunday, September 27, 2009

Joi 蔡淳佳《回到最初 Back to Basics》

Back to Basics", for me, signifies "simplicity and nature", an album concept - uniformly evident from the lyrics, the music to the green cover - which undoubtedly suits Joi's soothing and unstained vocal.

And I think there is a change from the previous album "Joi Blessed", being more refreshing, laid-back and less melancholy. Perhaps considering the economic gloom, it serves as a reminder of the simple things that matter.

JJ 林俊傑's composition of the title track "回到最初" has a simple, sweet melody, and showcases Joi's comforting vocal. The lyrics talks about not forgetting the simple things that move one's heart.

In "隱形紀念", the first song I heard on the internet from this album, though a cover version of a Japanese song, from the first time I heard it, Joi's affecting quality never fails to cause an emotional stir. The melody has a folk-song feel that suits Joi's vocal, though it's by no means an easy one to sing. The only other cover version, "回家的路" has the signature of Joi's earlier hit "等一個晴天", filled with warmth and hope in the lyrics of 梁文福.

Joi herself has five compositions in this album, which are all above average I must say. I simply love her "簷前雨" (such poetic lyrics by 梁文福). And "他離開的第一天", of a folk rock genre, is a pleasant surprise given that Joi's vocal is more gentle than explosive. "找回自己" is most autobiographical in her musical journey to date, I believe.

Now, two of my personal favourites in this album have to be "前座后座" and "表面完美的愛", of which the former, like "倒愛", made me sit up and listen, while for the latter, kudos to our own talented 柯贵民 for the intricate melody which I think few singers could sing as brilliantly as Joi.

The album is nicely wrapped up by "我的家", the popular opening theme from "不凡的爱" written by Jim 林倛玉, by now a classic.

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