Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seriously, Something is Seriously Wrong...

Mr Tharman said: "People do want to know. There's curiosity. It is a matter of public interest. But that is not sufficient reason to disclose information. I understand the interest, but it serves no strategic purpose."


Mr Tharman, what I like to know is that, when it comes to such disclosure, what can possibly be more important than public interest? Please, don't dismiss the public right to know by just citing that our interest is "not sufficient reason." We definitely deserve better.


And from 1 January 2010 new lorries must be fitted with canopies and higher side railings if they carry passengers on the deck.

This will be a requirement for all existing lorries in three years time plus more space will be required per seated worker as the minimum deck space required per seated worker will be doubled to eight square feet.

Halimah Yacob, GPC Chair, Manpower, said: "Why does it take three years in order to introduce these measures. Can't it be much a shorter period because we're talking about the lives and limbs of people who come and work in our country?”

Teo Ser Luck, senior parliamentary secretary, Transport & Community Development, Youth and Sports, said: "It takes a little bit longer for the workgroup to come up with the recommendations and it's because it's a very complex issue because you have to address not only the safety concerns but also the concerns of the business sector as well and other stakeholders.

The installation of the new safety features will cost about S$1,000- S$3,000.

But industry players said it's a small price to pay for the convenience of a lorry.


Hello, Mr Teo? Tell me, which is more important: business or human lives? Doesn't the industry players just said it's a small price to pay? What other stakeholders' concerns? What exactly is the basis of the workgroup's recommendations, such that it took all of three year to implement?

Seriously, something is seriously wrong. And all these are pointing towards a gloomier outlook.

P.S.: Watching "The Mentalist". It's amazing that Jane always seems able to see the smallest piece of evidence in places we never know exist.

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