Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm Proud to be a Singaporean Because...

It's quite amazing really, how I seldom commemorate this day. The birth of our nation, Singapore. Singapore, the nation of our births. Yet, what is Singapore without our births? Not a nation, definitely. Alright, that is my rather pragmatic view.

I tried, I really did try. Till the last drip of intellect - assuming if I have any in the first place - writhed out of my little brain, I still couldn't come out with an essay on the topic of "I'm proud to be a Singaporean because...". What the hack! I might as well give it my best shot, especially after reading this. I mean what can be so difficult about it? I just need to purge my system of all the negativity congregated.

Half an hour later, I've jotted down a few points, otherwise, a staring incident arises between the blank screen and me...

Simple is comfort
A place we call home.
Small but cosy; there need not be anything special about it.

(To be continued...)

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