Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Crappy Poems I Wrote

Holes in Hearts

If your smile can kill,
Let it be my heart
Each time we part,
As your kiss holds,
And burns holes
In my heart too.

Then it sings
Out of joy,
Cradles in the world
Of yours whole,
And burns holes
In your heart too.


We Are...

Like table and chair,
Like fun and fair,
Like hot chick and car,
Like push-up and bra,
Made for each other we are.

P.S.: Please, please, don't always take me so seriously. Being crappy is an art too! If I am to be believed.


Shingo T said...

So this lovely poem hinting about some sweet love in your life?

mrdes said...

Haha...totally fictional and plucked out of the air...