Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just Another Lame Joke. What, Did Somebody Say "What? Again?"

At the end of my day at office, I had a casual chit-chat with a female colleague while reading a Chinese-language newspaper. There was a photo of Stephanie Sun on it, and my rather jovial colleague out of the blue remarked that she looked like the popular Singaporean singer. Without much hesitation, I rebutted:"No, of course, you don't look like her!" A brief lull was followed by my adulation:"Well, you definitely are prettier than her!"

P.S.: Now, this colleague of my used to remind me of a certain gorgeous Korean actress. But then, with changes of seasons, and detriments of wind and rain, even the most beautiful flower has lost much of its luster. Alas, the cruelty of nature!

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Shingo T said...

Haha, a quick response from ya!

Whenever I feel old, I tell myself that man is like red wine - taste better with age. =p