Sunday, July 05, 2009

In Consequence, Like the Wind...

I feel kind of strange, having not written proses. There is a certain betrayal and there is attachment. In consequence, this space has not seen much diary-like posts recently. Yet time has passed. Like the wind.

Have been running, preparing for SAFRA Bay Run in August, at least two days per week. At times, I thought I overtrained, grew irritated with my snail pace. I started asking why I put myself through such torture. The joy was gone.

Then it came back again. Headphones on, running and running. Against time, against wind. In consequence, I know I can only be faster. Like the wind.


The Horny Bitch said...

Focus on the goal. Haven't seen your book reviews for quite some time but we know u r training. so... jiayou!!

mrdes said...

Now I'm down with fever and flu. Which means most probably I can't run this sad:(