Saturday, July 11, 2009

About "Absolute Boyfriend"

I am totally hooked on this Japanese drama, Absolute Boyfriend (絶対彼氏), adapted from a manga. The themes are simple, as Night Tenjo, a robot boyfriend, is sold to a plain-looking office worker Izawa Riko, and he learns about love and its many aspects - thoughtfulness, hard love (lecturing or nagging), sacrifice, moral support etc.

There was one heart-warming episode where Izawa Riko, at loggerheads with her father, torn up a family photograph, only to have Night Tenjo searching through the mountains to find the fragments and put them back together. But not before Night Tenjo, shocking his creator, gave Izawa Riko an earful for not understanding her parents' concerns.

Yesterday's episode ended with Izawa Riko having unconsciously fallen in love with Night Tenjo, even though she had always thought him as a household appliance.

Apart from eye candies aplenty for the fairer sex, the character Izawa Riko's simplicity and sweet kindness shine on Channel U every Friday night at 11.30 pm.

P.S.: I give up really, trying to fabricate this post to my satisfaction.

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