Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brian Patten's Collected Love Poems

I picked this up from the library, based purely on the first poem "Not Only". I liked the repetitions of these two words, and the twist at the end. And I thought the poet was kind of different. Brian Patten's writing proves to be lyrical, moving, yet accessible - nothing too dramatic.

Brian's astute observations of love and its lamentations filled my mind for the past month. They stroll into the core of the affairs of the heart, melt any indifference, at times with an elegant ease. I felt my life enriched by his poems, no doubt, and almost regret finishing this collection so quickly. I wish I could see everything in the smallest of detail vividly and in its beauty, as Brian must have.


Anonymous said...

some one read this to me yesterday.
i envy Brian Patten's insight, his use of words and his thoughtfulness. I have never really been interested in poetry but this has changed my view. Mrdes is right I wish I could see things as Brian sees them.

mrdes said...

Hi Anonymous

If you happen to come across any poet in the same mould as Brian Patten, drop me a note, won't you? Thanks in advance.