Sunday, May 10, 2009

So Long the Night

So Long the Night

So long the night awakes
in loneliness, the columns of light
stretching down the curtain
which you eye in silence,
undulate in the drift with a calmness
in unison with every breath
that she takes.

So long the night sinks
in dreams of colours so bright,
from a distant shore flickering
into enticed no-man's land,
as she dances in the golden tides,
ever heartening in
flamboyant summer dress.

P.S.: I was dreaming of the cool, cool sea, on a sulky, lonely summer night, when the sky opened up amid peals of thunder.

Edited on 1135 hrs, 10 May 09


Nashe^ said...

Ah. Don't we all love rainy nights in Singapore.

Only when wrapped in a blanket, of course.

mrdes said...

Yes, indeed, how I love rainy nights wrapped in my blanket:)

The Horny Bitch said...

Especially with someone to cuddle. Nice. haha.

Rain liao muz keep the clothes.

mrdes said...

Hi HB,

You are not far off what I used to think of rainy nights:)

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