Sunday, May 03, 2009

About YAWN

I thought of joining YAWN. Y-A-W-N, short for "Your Actions We Need", a local men rights group. Then I had a glimpse of its agenda through one of its pioneering member: "Most of these abuses come in form of men being denied of various things by their partner, including but not limited to, sex, one night stand, own salary, watching soccer, magic shows." Incidently, he is a magician. I smelled conspiracy. Then, the founder, Dr Lim proclaimed: "We welcome all to join us in our brotherly journey. Membership is free as long as you know how to play golf." Hey, is he looking for golf buddies or what? But I don't play golf, man!

Gosh, there goes my free one year’s subscription of Playboy magazine!

Yo brother, great spoof there!

Don't ask me how I know he is no sister - I just know.


Joshua said...


mrdes said...

Hi Joshua,

I suspect that you can't accede the shortcut to the spoof ( in response to the AWARE saga.


The Horny Bitch said...

See the name will start yawning lor. If my men joins this there won't be any women in this world that can satisfy him. I watch soccer and i love sex. =p

Gilbert Koh said...

Hi mrdes:

Not sure if you still remember me. You used to regularly drop by my poetry blog a few years ago. :)

Just wanted to let you know that I will be publishing a poetry book sometime next month.

There's a launch at the National Library. After that, it will be available at some bookstores, or you could order it online from the publisher Ethos Books.

The book is entitled "Two Baby Hands".

Do email me at if you're interested in attending the launch.

Gilbert Koh

Old Beng said...

Must fast fast go and learn golfing so that I can have my one year’s free subscription of Playboy magazine!