Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fourth Anniversary

Holy cow! I just realised that today is the fourth anniversary of this blog. To think I started this blog out of a whim in the midst of my in-camp training. Looking back, this mrbrown-wannabe was bubbling with enthusiasm in his obsessive niche as a humour columnist cum e-journalist. Then, the book and movie reviews followed, most naturally. Yea, I am one lucky lad. I am totally comfortable on this space, I like to think. Though, I've to admit that at times, I had stuttered with my written words. Otherwise, the heart was concealed behind a wall of words constituted in the name of pride. For that, I am ashamed. That's the confession of my pain, my fear, always, as I write.

P.S: I am in a library where people sleep or talk loudly on the phone. Say, why did the guy just slip over and peep into my screen?

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