Monday, November 10, 2008

Excuse Me, Are You A Blogger?

Excuse me, are you a blogger?

Some words, or images like those in this post had at random point in the past three years, flashed across my mind. As buried somewhere in this rants and raves bin, of my attention-seeking streak, I can't deny comments left inflate my ego, not to mention being plagiarised - like her blog. No, I'm not saying that some moron out there is copying my entries - gosh, I can't help but blush even as I write this.

Alright, enough digression. My point is, if I have ever intended to be a popular blogger with a hundred hits per day, I wouldn't have written in this pompous, irrelevant manner, taking words apart, putting readers' minds in disarray. Then again, I can't say I have never been tempted before, you know, paste a cherubic schoolgirl's photo, conjure some profile of pure fantasy and stories of girls' night outs at pubs and pool parties, etc etc. I know it can't be all that difficult.

Now, don't you get carried away and think that I am on some high moral mission.

To an extent, I am addicted to this insular playground, this miniature universe, all made of words and images. I won't give this up for life. So it seems at this point of time...

In a nutshell, I started blogging only because I love to write. Till the flame dies, till the flame dies...

So, why do you blog?


Joshua said...

I continue to blog so that the little writing skills which i have had will not be lost. =)

The Horny Bitch said...

I started blogging cos I needed a place to write abt what I don't talk to family and friends about.. :)