Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post-dated: Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

22 September 08. This day will be remembered for some time. I actually forget to pay my Internet subscription, hence had my connection cut off. Not without reminders received, of course. But that is just the way I am. I mean, there is bound to be a solution, one way or another, I think. In this case, I just have to wait for a few days for the re-connection: no pain, no gain. In the meantime, I will type on my OpenOffice Writer that I downloaded free, having my pirated Microsoft Office erased the last time I re-formatted my laptop. I kind of like the word processor, but I miss the research, the references available at a touch via the Net.

Things are looking up at work. My teammates, they see my problems, cover for me, as I cover for them. The other branch continues their wayward attitude. Totally abhorring!

One of them caught Hitler's Young's mistake. I told the colleague from the other branch: “We all have to give and take, don't we?”. She shrugged it off, of course, for I had furnished her with the right information then. And of course, she must have considered Hitler's Young's official position.

Life goes on, in its imperfect manner of perfection.

I continue idling my days away, going with what I feel like doing, swimming, reading, jogging. Well, most of the time, constraints considered. Most of the time, I wish for someone beside me, someone to love me, as I love her, to share the sun and the rain, the laughter and the tears. It's always “things could have been so much better.” So why the compromise? For self-sufficiency? For the strength to live, perhaps? All tinted with defiance and a desire to walk this journey in my own way. I hate to think there will be a complete breakdown of this system one day, or even a slight glitch. Will I survive then?

mrdes, 22 September 08

Dear Diary,

What I have in my heart, I can't see, I can't touch. Yet, I know it's there. Some call it conscience, others, a soul.

mrdes, 24 Sep 08

Dear Diary,

Another day without Internet connection. How long more? I wish I know. I miss writing my book review. Really.

mrdes, 25 Sep 08

Afterthoughts on 27 September 08: 22 September, "no pain, no gain"? What a load of craps! Excuses, excuses, excuses! And IT Moron made a comeback this morning, as I seek help from the Technical helpdesk. All in all, a rather frustrating experience. Still, self-evidently, I'm flying now...

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The Horny Bitch said...

Welcome internet connection back.

"Most of the time, I wish for someone beside me, someone to love me, as I love her, to share the sun and the rain, the laughter and the tears."

Keep on wishing sincerely and wholeheartly because it will happen. It did for me. =)