Friday, February 29, 2008

A Little Wild Dance

I say, the explanation sounds more like an excuse. And apology not accepted. I mean, base on what did you assess that he posed no imminent danger and hold back the truth for the whole of 4 hours? How did you even take that chance, when so many lives are at risk? Enough said. Or maybe not, for perhaps it took them 4 hours to lock down the detention centre? Or maybe there just isn't enough manpower to proceed with both operations separately? Come on, surely you realised that with our island's size, it won't take even 4 hours to cross the straits up north? And if the breakout is long-planned with some help from the inside, which I think is very likely, he would be in Thailand by then. Okay, I am obviously exaggerating. Though, it is always possible that the detention centre didn't even notice he was missing for the first two hours. Now, even this sounds palatable. The appalling lack of information has led the imagination into a little wild dance. Conspiracy theories aside, I'm just totally disgusted with the way a matter of such magnitude was handled, so much so that the escape itself seems insignificant.

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Whiskoffee said...

Bring him* down!

*referring to our escapee.