Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just Rambling...

The world is alive. Through my bedroom window, laughter, chattering filter through from the block across. As I log on, new blog's posts are created, comments left; let me join the fun, I say.

The week passed like another, in a flash the weekend is almost over. The Screamer/Schemer felt the same about the blinding speed of time. Especially when busy, one can become numb with the load of work dump on you. By the end of Friday, we were nonsensical in speech, in the analysis of the payroll system. I came up with the absurdest of solution to a problem, then corrected myself on the spot, throwing her into fits of mild delirium and disbelief. I couldn't be more apologetic, but hey, it was Friday. Yup, we were sure glad a break was coming.

Re-wind the days a little. I think it was Thursday's morning drill when Hitler's Young preached again about helping out the customer service team - which is down to two colleagues - with their mounting customer's enquiries. One colleague, the Blank Wall - everything bounds off a blank wall, knowledge, advices, suggestions, you see? - twittered that she had some other things on hand. I thought, bad mistake, bad mistake. I say, never ever say "no" to extra load when the boss decrees so - never, ever. I mean, here we are working our butts off to cover for the others, yet she gets off at 5.30 pm sharp! Now, you tell me who will get the sack sooner or later? Of course she got a telling-off, but noone gave a damn shit. Go on, sack her, we had coaxed, threatened; me, I had the prestige of correcting her emails, pushing her to make a firm stand in her "policing" duties to no valid. I used to think that whoever goes in our manpower-cutting exercise, it would still hurt. But not this time, not this one.

The weekend hitherto is restful, rewarding: a swim yesterday finally after such a long time, completion of my read "All Quiet on the Western Front", and a DVD in "Samuari Fiction" filled with Japanese humour really cracked me up. I think having an occasionally good-hearted laugh is good for mental health, and for the heart muscle too. Like I told Hitler's Young once, that for all the "heart attacks" (spell anxieties, worries) we bring her, they are great for exercising the heart muscle. Stretched? Perhaps, but we doubled over then. So my crappy pep talk does work - well, sometimes.


JerL said...

Hello! I'm back! :)

Anyhow, aside from saying hi, I feel that bad co-workers are like cancer cells. Best to remove them before they start spreading.

mrdes said...

Hi Jerl!

I can't say more:) (I left a comment at your blog). Well, that's tough talk from you about bad co-workers...chill out...haha

rmt said...

i enjoyed reading this! this and "Be As You Were When We Met"
so romantic yet passive.. i love it :)

mrdes said...

Hi rmt,

Glad to hear that you enjoyed them:) Thanks for dropping a line and have a lovely day:)