Monday, January 21, 2008

All About 黄金路 - The Golden Path

I can't believe I'm writing this, even as I type. I don't remember at which point I started watching the local production with an all-out-Hongkong-gangster-style script. It had all the dramatic elements of Hongkong film-makers - A Better Tomorrow being a classic example. Only one problem - they all belong to the 80's, save for one thing. There was the kinship, which truly touched me.

They were siblings, though not of the same parents. The step-mother treated the children left by her dead husband like her own, and had told her eldest son Huang Kai Da, to care for the others, not to hurt each other. Cho Cher Meng as Huang Kai Da was an utterly sad character.

Tonight's last episode was memorable for one scene. As the Li Nan Xing's character Huang Jin Long lured out his half-brother cum wife-killer, the much despised Tay Ping Hui as Huang Kai Jie and had him at gun-point, the mentally unstable Kai Da repeated her mum's words and cut his wrist to prevent further bloodshed. All of Kai Jie's atrocities flashed through Jin Long's mind, finger on trigger, the screen blanked and there was a "bang!". Alas, the villain was spared, and in turn, couldn't put himself up to shoot at Jin Long when he turned his back and stumbled off. That was bloody kinship, all glorified, over-glorified, but my heart stopped. I thought that was brilliant writing, though again, so 80's. But I like it!

So sad, so tragic, the ending, as the brothers were to die, as if predestined. Jin Long chose to commit suicide to join his wife - what had he got to live for anyway? Kai Jie was to be murdered in some foreign land, on the run, aka Hongkong-style. Serve him damn right! Poetic justice? Maybe.

I still can't believe I had written this shit.


The Horny Bitch said...

It triggered some emotions that's y can write mah.. Not every1 can write u know? :)

mrdes said...

"Not every1 can write u know?" Say, I can't help thinking that you're refering to yourself...heeheee:P

The Horny Bitch said...

in a way.. yes! Referring to myself! hahaha