Saturday, April 07, 2007

Good Friday

Good Friday: just another holiday, nothing more. I thought that applies only to me, an atheist. But KL, an ardent Christian, was partying away, not a word of god. We spent the good part of the lunch hour in a queue for our tickets for Sunshine, a sci-fic movie by Danny Boyle, who also directed Trainspotting. Vivocity was teeming with teenagers, families with babies on prams, lovey-dovey couples and tourists of course.

Lunch was at Bosses, translated as "triads" in chinese, a dimsum restaurant. The decoration embraces a black theme, even the waitresses clad in black seemed unwelcoming, unsmiling. Perhaps, that was part of the experience, or it was just me, though the food was alright, but nothing too fantastic. After that, inadvertently, we went window-shopping, as time was in our hand.

On my recommendation, we hunted down Page One bookstore. The slanting book shelves proved unmistakeable, and the collection by Asian writers is second to none, except maybe Kinokuniya. KL bought two books, all written in chinese. I was in awe, you have to be disciplined and of a different cut to understand something of a superior language, I guess. On another hand, gulit enveloped and froze my buying capability, as novels I purchased from Kinokuniya remain unfinished. I was tempted to acquire Albert Camus's The Outsider. Very tempted indeed. But having saw the same item at the library dampened the spirit.

Sunshine was well, alright. Again, nothing too fantastic. The Asian actors and actress hit small parts in this one.

I could have gone on and on with this post, but got to go...

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