Wednesday, January 03, 2007

End of The Holidays

First few days of the new year have me idling around the house, except my short trip to the library to return books, getting my meals from the downstairs hawker, and a run cut short by the driving rain. And I watched The Curse of the Golden Flower which is hardly worth a mention with it's below par script. All I am wont to say is, at least I used a movie voucher – no hard cash, no pinch on my pocket.

My parents were back from their foray to our northern neighbour on Monday evening, which had me scampering to collect my stuff back into my bedroom. No matter what others say, it seems impolite to dump my bags, books and laptop in front of the living room TV when they are around. Thus, the few days of having the house to all myself ended.

On another front, I finished reading Claire Tham’s award winning short story, Driving Sideways. It’s about identity and more, with a sweet love thread running through. That is all I have for now. And I am starting my evening class this Thursday. So there go my holidays.

PS: I am suddenly feeling all uninspired to write.

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