Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Apt Rambling (For the Sake of a Title)

With the PSI less than good, I decided on moving my activities indoor. A trip was made after work to Vivocity with its opening over the weekend. Though some of the shops are yet to open, I managed only to walk through one level of restaurants, jewellery and fashion shops, so you can imagine the vastness of the one-stop entertainment centre. Having not window-shopped for some time, the joy seemed displaced, or maybe I was just tired after a long day. The fact that I am resting in my air-conditioned room now seems such a blessing.

I got to knock off at six plus today. Considering some works are left undone, that is rather early. Most of my colleagues had left by then. As I took the lift down, it stalled at 6th floor and so too my heart. I have not saw Cynthia for a while now. A lithe, young lady entered, black hair and black-framed glasses, all demure and shy.

Two floors down, a young man in uniform came in, and immediately pushed the button for third floor. Hello, Bro? You actually take the lift one level down? I hardly believed my eyes, then I saw his round belly, making it even less excusable. If you don't exercise frequently, at least take the stairs, that is my philosophy. As the lad stepped out, our damsel was in distress, or rather fuming mad. Her fists were up, ready for a fight; face convulsed beyond recognition. She even thrust one fist out gleefully at the empty air, just before the door closed behind the departed bloated figure. I watched, mouth agape, thought what had got into her. At the ground floor, she strode off, as if nothing happened. I was bemused nonetheless. There are some seriously weird people in the building I must say.

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