Friday, July 28, 2006

News..and More News...

What am I? You asked. I said I am only a writer - of little or no talent. Not that I aren’t proud of it; not many can claim the same. I like to savour the falling autumn leaves, or the fading virgin snow, to spin a hundred words of flighty, brutal prose. And all that aren't yesterday's news...yet.

Something to put a spring in my footsteps, something to light up my heart, to finally see rationale prevails. Yes, the Lions will be in Doha for the Asian games after all. Of course, before I forget, Liverpool is the busiest English club in the pre-season transfer market and I am happy with Pennant too. Watch your back, Chelsea, watch your back.

The headlines screams: New service guidelines for bus services; fines if standards not met. My apologises, my eyes must be letting me down: I only read Fare Hike!

Al-Qaeda vows to avenge, and I guess the United States is on high alert now; George Bush Jr would do well to prevent a carbon copy of the September 11 tragedy. But Washington is not helping, thwarting any calls for ceasefire in blocking the UN's draft resolution.

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