Saturday, July 01, 2006

English Dream Shattered

You have to admit. After this match, the World Cup has lost much of its glamour. The England lads, for the first time, had played extremely well after the sending off of Rooney. The frightening thing is you could see the best is yet to come from the talented midfield - with or without Rooney. The football neutrals would have preferred a mouth-watering semi-final crash with Brazil more than anything. The Portugal team looked terribly short of idea in attack without Deco. And I thought Peter Crouch, the beanpole, was excellent - and in a better form than Rooney - holding up the ball for the midfield to move up. All said, it is pure irony that England played their best game - sticking to their strength with dead ball - only to be bundled off by the effervescent Cristiano Ronaldo. I have to be honest: Figo and company are no match for Samba soccer.

"England, for you, your fan will cry a thousand times over..." (borrowed from "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini)

Brazil vs France is up next...

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Alphabet Moppet said...

Uh oh, i support Portugal actually. Just because i like portugese egg tarts. In fact, its because i just do not like anything overly advertised and overly hyped. England prominent players are just like a product, packaged and then promoted. I prefer watching soccer by teams who are desperate to win. They use soccer to dignify their national identity just because maybe they are in a poor country and they hope to win to make soccer one thing they can be proud of. Regardless, back to the game, i think Portugal played well in the first half, lost their form in the 2nd to be frank.

I was at a pub area in Robertson Quay and i think i was the meagre few cheering for Portugal everytime they attempt a (lousy) goal. I feel lucky to get out of the place unscathed with so many menacing eyes on me.