Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Brief Update

There are too many things happening and no time to write about them. Two movies I watched, "Thirst" and "Tokyo Sonato", and the fund-raising event at Bugis with Joi Chua performing - my first time hearing her live.

Reading another Cyril Wong's Poetry collection "Below: Absence" - mesmerising at times.

Got to go now - the sky rained out my swim yesterday.


Winn said...

two movies i watched recently is..
the ugly truth - thumbs down
the final destination in 3D - okok so-so..i'm not obssessed with death :p

Ashley said...

Are the two movies nice? Planning to watch them too.

mrdes said...

Hi Ashley,

I find "Thirst" a bit long-winded and self-absorbed, and though it has its charming moments, it tries too hard to please the crowd from both mainstream fare and art house. "Tokyo Sonato" is a strongly recommended artistic film with a haunting ending worth the ticket price.

Ashley said...

thanks for the review ... :)