Friday, April 07, 2006

Bored from Balding

I always thought that this would never, ever happen to me. But things had finally caught up, none other than losing my hair. Yes, the one and only thing I was proud of among my peers diminished. In a rush I thought: Beijing 101 or what do you have, here I come! Now, white hair, I have plenty but no problem, though a balding issue impeccably through the centre of my skull is not some horror movie that I can stomach even with popcorn and Coke in hand. Could it due to Chlorine from the swimming pool? My choice of shampoo? My sleeping posture? All these swirled around my mind before taking a break in some dark corner, for sure to re-expose someday. Well that will be another day, which is just so me, forever optimistic, or rather procrastinating.

(afterthought: Somehow, I still feel too young to be balding...may the reality sinks in)

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