Monday, January 30, 2006

Second Day

Business was as usual; not in term of ang paos (no, I am just too old for this I have to admit), but in term of visitors to our households. Our evening only ended about 9 pm. Although at about 5 plus, I napped for a while but still feel a little tired now. Hopefully, this will be my last entry for CNY. Although I don't really feel like writing, a little disturbance in my mind has to be put to rest.

Most of the guests had bid their farewell by the time some relatives...

...Then suddenly, I am snap of all energy to write. Yet I have no wish to allow the words and thoughts go to waste. To cut a long story short, I found one of my nephews behaving bullishly and crudely towards some of my younger cousins - my uncle only married in his late 30s - just because they don't have Xbox at home. That stinks of more than just childish prejudices I think. You wonder what this world is coming to when even a Primary 3 kid learns how to discriminate.

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