Friday, October 21, 2005

Not-So-Mad Cows and Cab Driver

I finally, finally passed my IPPT. I am going to miss the training though. The buddy-buddy atmosphere, the "Planet Fitness" instructor - only the men have it. I am feeling fitter than ever as a result.

I normally took a cab to training after work. And funny but often enough, the cab drivers were more entertaining than the Malaysian tour guide. This one also happened to be an ex-NS Captain, and the first batch of NSF from Maju Camp, which was also our destination. So on top of being my chauffeur, he was also giving me a mini-commentary of what things used to be like around the camp , bringing back fond memories for the greying man himself. The stretch of road leading into Sunset Way used to be much, much narrower and quiet, thus scarier in the 70s as on both side of it, there was nothing but jungle or so-called training ground for the soldiers. And even the main entrance to the camp has shifted before, from a small hill to the current wide cement road. And there was a lot of farms, with which there were "mad cows" or rather buffalos that ran wild upon the approach of the military vehicles. All these the uncle recalled and told with great passion - I swear I could have spotted saliva spitting from his mouth if I had been closer.

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