Friday, September 23, 2005

Going Away...

I will step foot into our neighbour up in the north tomorrow, for the first time in my entire life. Yes, hard to believe but true. Even my course mate - the girl with silver earrings - had a good laugh at me. But I didn't mind a bit. It felt nice to know I can still make a lady laughs - even for a moment and at the expense of myself.

I guess I am looking forward for the short, one-day trip for various reasons. When I first knew about this office's family day event, the first thought was: Yes, I finally get to blog my first "travelogue". Too bad, I don't have a digital camera for photographs, or maybe I could borrow those taken by my colleagues. Of course, I am glad to finally get my virgin trip out of the way, although the process up to now remains smooth-sailing. And I guess it is fitting for me to get away for a while, if not to explore different time and space for a fresh prespective, at least to refrain from thinking of Cynthia. That is all I can do now - one baby step at a time.

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