Monday, July 04, 2005

LTCs with Peanuts

I am having another foul day. My words were being torn apart by a LTC. Yes, a Lieutenant-Colonial. My guess is that not a lot of people get to talk to a LTC. But trust me, you are not missing much.

I don’t know any other of the same breed either, so I can’t compare. But this one who was real cocky, had the cheek to claim that by refunding a overpayment after receiving our reminder (yes, a letter coloured in pink, citing legal action in the event of non-payment) put him on higher moral ground. And this was six weeks after we have sent him the first letter, and not before speaking with him on the phone. My foot, man! Firstly, he has actually held on to government funds when he has no right to, even though, he has voluntarily informed us of the overpayment. To think for a total of six weeks, he did not respond after promising to pay back. And that we have to send a letter to him again before he paid! Maybe I should send a letter to the media, telling them how a LTC acted blur and expected us to call him every time one of them refuses to pay back the government. Of course, it is often that LTCs are “too busy” to bother about an amount of just over $3,000, after all, that is only peanuts to what they earn.

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