Saturday, July 16, 2005

Loneliness on the Street

Loneliness took to the street. There I stood at the bus-stop just outside the old National Library site, all lonely. Only a few lonesome strangers and a teenage couple gathered close by. It was already dark, close to nine in the evening. The street roared mostly with speeding cars, all determined to get the bourgeois behind the wheels home to warm hugs and kisses from their loved ones. The rows and rows of tall street lamps that stretched into the night, mapped out their way. The lamps seemed to glow with a mystical light for them. Few like me, took the slow bus home, and there were no special loved ones waiting. An emptiness swayed with the subtle winds, and I was all calm and at ease, taking in occasional deep breaths and the chill. The love fledglings edged closer together to fight the night for whatever it stands for. I watched out of the corner of my eyes in envy. I felt mostly unmoved though. I thought I stood strong and tall against the cold and loneliness.

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