Wednesday, June 15, 2005

School is Out!

My day at the office ended and I trod my way to the bus stop. The road ahead looks bleak; I don’t know where to go and what to do. This is my life without night classes - meaningless. The withdrawal symptoms of a part-time student, they called it. I have books I want to read, my swimming routine to adhere to, but nothing is satisfying, nothing seems important. It is a scary thought – you are unhappy away from office work. At one point in the past, I tried setting a timetable of some sort for the break – swimming, reading, movies and playing guitar. I thought it could be a success if I could do 80% of what was planned. But as like most new initiatives in an organisation, the novelty worn off after sometime.

So like some of the days when I feel stressful at work, I would visit a place where pure pleasure and thrill can be bought with little money – the electronic game arcade. The experience is mindless, yet exhilarating. The joy comes with winning on “Virtual Soccer” (so you make your opponents pay to challenge you again, especially after you score a last sec dramatic winner, Shiok man!), which is the only game I am good at. It becomes senseless, when you thought to yourselves, “So what if I win? It is not as if I have accomplished something of significance that makes this world a better place?” Then, you feel that your perspective must be pretty narrow, to be overjoyed over a victory so trivial, and then you see yourselves as being pathetic to be spending your time in this way. Well, I know at least of a lass who has no query about spending her time banging away at her computer, zipping monsters and enemies. I guess this means another pathetic, lonely person on this planet and I cannot be much happier.

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