Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dearest, My Love...

Dearest, my love,

There are things, a lot of things that I like to tell you, to share with you. I don’t know where to start and I don’t want to end. I like to watch the rain falling from the sky with you, to hold your hands while crossing the road, to keep a lookout for you, to name just a few. I know that you are the best thing to have happened to me. If one day when you decide to go away, I will not grief, for I know what I have. You have given me memories to last a lifetime.

I doubt that I have ever tasted true happiness until I met you. And if I have a choice, I would live my whole life again just to see you smiling and gay. Broken dreams and hearts you may have, but let me be the cheerful, chirping bird waking you up to face the world every new day. When nights fall, allow me to be the stars that you wish upon and that guide you on the way home. And home is where the heart is, and heart is where memories of us are filled. I will be waiting then.

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