Thursday, May 26, 2005

Turkish Night and Reddish Pride

"Heroes and Legends are made overnight,
so my brothers, do pray in silence,
for our soldiers in red and the old Anfield faith.
For in the old Turkish night,
our hearts will beat,
in union with red and pride."
(A feeble attempt at poetry...I have to admit)

That Turkish night when Milan oozed class and Liverpool oozed blood with pride, you saw clearly how the human spirit of courage and belief prevails over natural skills and attributes, and both mental and physical adversity. That is the beauty of the human's soul. A wonderful triumph it is. When you have a heart like that, you will sometimes seem to have wings on your feet which lift you beyond mortal fears and beliefs, to almost touch the face of the moon.

That Turkish night, there were no losers, only winners. The match is definitely one for the memory; such is the gamesmanship, the class and the spirit being displayed.

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