Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Cake

Some commented:"Your people really have nothing to do", or "On the ball for nothing". But that does not stop some of us from being excited about our performance making a human cake, which we are going to put up on 29 Apr 05, for our organisation's second anniversary. Suggestions about how we go about it are freely exchanged, resulting in changes after changes being made. One colleague tells me that she will not perform unless she is sure it is prefect. But realistically, that is not possible. The only way for this world to be perfect is to put away the people. Putting up such a performance can be quite heart-warming when you see colleagues who are previously less active, stepping up to take leading roles. For me, I just love seeing the others making a fool out of themselves, including myself of course. I just treat the whole thing as a teambuilding and bonding experience. I guess, at some point, we all have to compromise.

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